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The Trove

The Trove

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Welcome to The Trove, where simplicity meets sophistication in a compact sanctuary. Its minimalistic exterior design hints at the modern elegance within. With 306 sq. ft. of cleverly utilized space, The Trove surprises with not one, but two sleeping lofts, offering cozy escapes under soaring ceilings. A main floor bedroom provides versatility, doubling as an office or studio as needed. The well-appointed bathroom and full kitchen cater to your daily comforts and culinary adventures alike. Ascend the stairs to the primary loft, or use the ladder for a quick climb to the secondary loft, each offering unique perspectives of your tranquil abode. The inviting living room is a focal point, perfect for unwinding or hosting intimate gatherings. The Trove is more than a home; it's a treasure trove of minimalist luxury and functional design.

- 32' length x 10' width x 13' 6" height
- 320 sq. ft. of Main Area
- 160 sq. ft. of Loft

- Bedroom
- Two Sleeping Lofts
- 3/4 Bathroom
- Full Kitchen
- Shed Roof
- Ladder
- Stairs
- Storage
- Entertainment Area
- Minisplit HVAC
- Water Heater (On demand)
- Sleeps Up to 6 (If using lofts)
- ANSI Compliant
- Economically-designed
- Portable Home
- AirBnB-friendly Design
- DIY Simplicity

- Floor Plans
- Elevations
- Sections
- Door & Window Schedule
- Cabinetry
- Plumbing Plan
- Roof Framing
- Framing Elevations
- Structural Details
- 2 Interior Perspectives
- 2 Exterior Perspectives

Additional Benefits:
- Free 1-Month All-access Pro Membership Subscription to Tiny House University
- Tiny Home on Wheels Design for Short-term Rentals E-book

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