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Modern Rustic Cabin

Modern Rustic Cabin

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The Modern Rustic Cabin sits nestled amidst towering pines, its weathered cedar exterior blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings. A quaint front porch welcomes visitors with its rugged charm. Inside, exposed wooden beams stretch across the ceilings, creating an airy yet cozy ambiance. Sunlight streams through large picture windows, illuminating the rustic yet chic interior.

The open-concept living space is adorned with modern furniture pieces, adding character to the minimalist design. A kitchen boasts clean lines and wood cabinets, offering both functionality and style. The living area features two plush sofas draped in soft, earth-toned textiles, inviting guests to unwind by the crackling fireplace.

At the back end of the home, one discovers a cozy bedroom. The bed, adorned with luxurious linens, rests behind sliding doors, offering views of the lush landscape. Rustic touches abound, from the wooden bedside tables to the woven rugs that adorn the hardwood floors.

- 30' length x 20' width x 12' 5" height
- 600 sq. ft. of Main Area

- Sleeping Loft
- 3/4 Bathroom
- Full Kitchen
- Storage
- Entertainment Area
- Fireplace
- Minisplit HVAC
- Water Heater (On demand)
- Sleeps Up to 4 (If using living room)
- Economically-designed
- Cabin on Foundation
- AirBnB-friendly Design
- DIY Simplicity

- License to Build (Limited to 1 Tiny House)
- Materials List
- Floor Plans
- Elevations
- Sections
- Kitchen Details
- Bathroom Details
- Schedule of Doors & Windows
- Foundation Plan
- Floor & Roof Framing Plan
- Framing Details
- Front & Rear Framing Elevation
- Right Framing Elevation
- Left Framing Elevation
- Lighting & Power Layout
- HVAC Layout
- Waterline & Sanitary Layout
- Waterline & Sanitary Line Isometric View

Additional Benefits:
- Free 1-Month All-access Pro Membership Subscription to Tiny House University
- Tiny Home on Wheels Design for Short-term Rentals E-book

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