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The modern tiny home plan reimagines traditional living spaces with innovative design concepts, maximizing functionality and style within a compact footprint. These homes typically range from 100 to 400 square feet and feature open layouts, clever storage solutions, and multi-purpose furniture to optimize every inch of space. They often incorporate large windows to create a sense of spaciousness and to connect the indoors with the outdoors. Modern tiny homes emphasize minimalist aesthetics, clean lines, and the use of natural materials. Despite their size, these homes offer all the essentials for comfortable living, making them an appealing option for those seeking a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle.

- 24' length x 8'6" width x 13' 6" height
- 204 sq. ft. of Main Area

- 53 sq. ft. of Loft

- Sleeping Loft
- 3/4 Bathroom
- Full Kitchen
- Fireplace Stove
- Shed Roof
- Window Wall
- Ladder Stairs
- Storage
- Entertainment Area
- Minisplit HVAC
- Water Heater (On demand)
- Sleeps Up to 4
- Solar Ready
- ANSI Compliant
- Economically-designed
- Portable Home
- AirBnB-friendly Design
- DIY Simplicity

- License to Build (Limited to 1 Tiny House)
- Site Plan
- Floor Plans
- Front and Rear Elevations
- Sections
- Schedule of Windows
- Framing Elevations
- Roof Framing Plan
- Floor Technical Details
- Roof Technical Details
- Lighting Plan
- Switches Plan
- Outlets Plan
- Plumbing Plan
- 1 Exterior Photorealistic Perspective

- Free 1-Month All-access Pro Membership Subscription to Tiny House University
- Tiny Home on Wheels Design for Short-term Rentals E-book

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