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Gothic Arch

Gothic Arch

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Gothic Arch Tiny House Plans

Alosha, who is a natural builder and a Bio-Architect, just developed a largest legal tiny house on the planet, with 550 sq. ft. of legal usable space and only 23 ft. tall. This tiny giant clarifies as a shed, and this is how:

The use of a strong tight, net half way up allows us to gain additional 200 sq. ft. whilst not being classified as such and 5 ft. high attic gifts us an additional 175 sq. ft. (The same as the ground floor).

The blueprint comes with 12 detailed, A2 sheets, on how to build the entire home from ground up, including photos from actual build. It also includes water storage and row by row instructions for a hyper adobe rocket stove with a warm couch.

- 550 sq. ft. of Main Area

- Sleeps Up to 3 (If using living room)
- Bedroom

- Bathroom
- Full Kitchen
- Living Room
- Entertainment Area
- Built on Foundation
- Economically-designed
- DIY Simplicity
- AirBnB-friendly Design

- Floor Plan
- Elevations
- Sections
- Exterior Perspectives
- Interior Perspectives
- Framing Elevations
- Structural Details
- Roof Details
- Schedule of Doors and Windows

Additional Benefits
- Free 1-Month All-access Pro Membership Subscription to Tiny House University
- Tiny Home on Wheels Design for Short-term Rentals E-book

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